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Tennessee Science Standards Value Statement
Tennessee possesses a citizenry known to be intelligent, knowledgeable, hardworking, and creative. Tennessee’s schools offer science programs that introduce a broad range of important subjects along with opportunities to explore topics ranging from nuclear energy science to breakthrough medical discoveries. The challenge of developing and sustaining a population of scientifically informed citizens requires that educational systems be guided by science curriculum standards that are academically rigorous, relevant to today’s world, and attendant to what makes Tennessee a unique place to live and learn.

To achieve this end, school systems employ standards to craft meaningful local curricula that are innovative and provide myriad learning opportunities that extend beyond mastery of basic scientific principles. The Tennessee Academic Standards for Science standards include the necessary qualities and conditions to support learning environments in which students can develop knowledge and skills needed for post-secondary and career pursuits, and be well-positioned to become curious, lifelong learners.


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