Longhorn Network

Welcome to the Longhorn Power Play Network!!

Enjoy a Longhorn game even when you can’t be there in person through our Longhorn Network Live Streaming!  Click the link below to connect with our Longhorn Network Live program.


Longhorn Network

Students involved in the Longhorn Power Play Network include:
Chase McGlamery (Senior Producer)
Christian Phillippi (Senior Cameraman)
Connor Nowak (Creative Tech Team Co Captain)
Ryan Shupe (Creative Tech Team Co Captain)
Maria Johnson
Cora Davis
Christen Cornett
Preston Dugger
Daniel Newton
Mackenzie Cooke
Austin SHatterly
Richard Lee Jones
Justice Datz
Adviser, Greg Reece
This broadcast is a service of the Business Technology Department of the JCHS Career & Technical Ed. Center

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For further information about Longhorn Power Play Network Live, please contact faculty sponsor, Greg Reece by email at greece@jocoed.net or by phone at Johnson County CTE,  1-423-727-1860.